last two cars finished…

so, finally, i got it. after a long time of not having any motivation to do something on this topic, the last two cars missing are built (benetton and Lotus), and 3 more were face-lifted (mclaren, williams, pacific). minor changes have been done on every car. for benetton and williams there are already cockpits finished. will keep up the work, as the other cockpits will be done next. hope the progress will be more progressiv when the others are finished with 2006.

94lotus.jpg  94benetton4.jpg  94williams5.jpg

14 thoughts on “last two cars finished…”

  1. Great job CTDP

    Congratulations with your modding group and good luck with your 2006 mod and 1994 😉

  2. Really great job!

    I have the whole 1994 Season on my harddrive, all are from eurosport, except for Imola, that one is from BBC.

    If you want it, send me an email 😉

    But I think you already have it.

  3. Hey crew of CTDP,
    I was waiting for this project to begin again for a very long time. Great to see you get back on this.
    I am so excited about this, that I would like to offer you my helping hand if you want to. I am a 2D and 3D artist (not an expert, but not bad), and at the moment I am beta-testing for a well known modding-team for rfactor.
    I left my email in here, so you deside to contact me or not. I sure would love to help out with this.



  4. well guys….that is a very nice piece of work…i love season 94′:) do you know when it will be released?

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