Renault R26 Makes CTDP Track Debut!!

Hi Guys, Raul done a fantastic job completing the car with easilly one of the most complicated peices of mapping i have ever seen, so me and Andy have been working on completing the Renault this evening. Andy mapped the 2nd Nose, Number and Name and i added the dirt layers, bump and spec maps to the car.

Mild Seven Livery:

More Inside.. Including Tcam and Cockpit Preview

Team Spirit:

British GP Special Livery:

Canadian GP Special Livery:

French GP Special Livery:

Turkish GP Special Livery:

Cockpit & T-Cam Preview: (as its the last one its in higher res :))

Hope you all like it, Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome.

45 thoughts on “Renault R26 Makes CTDP Track Debut!!”

  1. wow, you even modelled the new front wing element they used later in the season…

    That last screenshot, the one from tcam, looks amazing. The steering wheel looks really good, especially with the way the light is reflecting off it, it looks great!

  2. i don’t know but the nose looks strange… the side edges of it were a little bit more rounded…

    but it’s a fantastic job anyway!!!!! cheers Ctdp team!

  3. absolutely brilliant!

    I am no sackrider of any modgroup….but I got to say the quality of this mod is beyond anything that I thought rfactor was capable of….and the wait for this mod is so worth the 2 year wait….

    btw for those who want to see more amazing screens
    has 43 jaw dropping screenshots from bahrain.

  4. If those images aren’t edited: WOW, very nice! The lighting/reflection is just so nice! I just hope my pc can make it look just as nice…
    Good Job!

  5. After watching the Bahrain F1 coverage on SpeedTv over the weekend..and listening to the commentary it was stated NUMEROUS time how smooth the track was. In Bob Varsha’s own words he said how the car barely moved because the track was so smooth. Will this track reflect the real track or is it going to have a ton of bounce that is unrealistic? It would be nice to have a real track surface as well as one that is visually accurate.

  6. are you sure this is rfactor??? it looks too good to be rf! lol just kidding, the screens look incredible!

  7. The reflections and the textures are amazing! I just can’t find words to describe how good it all looks.

    [+ If I can suggest sth: It would be extremely nice to see a few led lights under the central virtual mirror, that would light with the engine revs. Many people, including me, likes to play with the T-cam, but without hud, changing gears with those settings is quite hard.]

    btw on 3. April (CTDP)Neidryder wrote: ‘(…) after lods and renault are done, Ingy will start to do a small teaser video to show the full grid.’ – I can’t wait :))

  8. Timmmmmmeh loves it 😀
    I do beleive that T4 is actually bumpy in real life, it has been commented on that the corner is smooth but it does have some bumps on the exit which unsettle the cars. But apart from that the track is generally smooth allround.

  9. Fabulous work, everything looks great.. I do have one general question however reguarding the tyre treads.. Why are they NOT mirrored left to right as in CTDP2005 (and most other mods). The reason I ask is that alot of ppl will want to emulate the visual aspect of the tyre choices, but as they are mapped now this will be difficult, due to the fact that the inside of the left tyre is the outside of the right one.. Therefore the white stripe positioning will be correct on one side, but one groove out on the other side..(as is the case with the ISI/CTDP BMW07).
    I know this is a 2006 mod, but I’m sure that once it has been released, leagues may adopt its use with 2007/2008 skins and therefore want to add this feature..

  10. Not that it is my job for me to praise it as a CTDP member, You know, as they say, selfpraise is nopraise hehe. but along with Raul doing liveries the original work Marco did also, and than me making a bag of potatoes of some of the mapping and people various times correcting things, but it got there in the end. A painful birth for this car but in the end she turned out beautiful.

    Nice to see the sawtooth windshield got included too 😉 I can’t wait to make LODs for this baby.

  11. Adrew, it should be comparable to CTDP05 for performance, so if you can play that OK you should be fine. The models will stil look very decent on medium and even low settings, this is something we have tried to work on as much as possible 😉 I should add though, that of course as far as DirectX is concerned, you will not enjoy as nice visuals look in DX7 compared to DX9, but there is nothing we can do about that.

  12. Does anyone know about how smooth the CTDP track is? Since the real life track is super smooth it would be nice to have the same in-game. Hope someone knows the answer. BTW..looks amazing.

  13. Hi lads, looking nice.

    Dont know if this has been answered as i can only find a post from back in Sep 2007. Are CTDP working on engine sounds or are you sticking with ISI BMW ones?


  14. Hi ChOnG, this question has been answered multiple times in the blog and on other sources.

    We will be using the ISI BMW07 sounds as we do not currently have a sound expert which can work to the level which we need for the mod.

    The BMW07 sounds are in our opinion the best ones available so hence that’s why we are using them.


  15. So the ISI BMW sounds will be used in this mod? It shouldn’t be a problem (since you were the guys that helped ISI make that car 😀 )… but what about the Toro Rosso’s Cosworth V10? Is it going to use the CTDP05 sounds?

  16. Pics look great except FOV. Are you going to correct that in the final version? No human has such a “tunnel” view.

  17. I don’t know about you guys, but that renault looks awsome….only hope that it will handle like it looks like…..mnee, offcourse it will 🙂

  18. ever thinking of making any ctdp mods for race07…
    cos its like the next gen thing along with rfactor… there has been converted ctdp mods but it would be excellant to have ctdp mod in race 07…. u could do 2003 season… etc….

  19. How many work you have with this mod? Oll cars is done? After this mod you start mod 2007 or 2008. Probably you take holidays.

  20. Mester, I think that after this mod they’ll recommence work on the 1994 mod. That’s one of the most wanted ones all over the place, because I think I’m right in saying that every F1 fan who plays rF wants this season in-game.

  21. It was stated over a year ago that after they finish 2006, they would get the 1994 mod finished. Although they didn’t rule out doing it in the future i.e. a few years down the line I think. Andy (Neidryder) said on January 01st 2007 that after that they would do a 1995 mod. However this was over a year ago, times change, people change – they could have another project.

    IIRC I’m sure I read that they would fancy doing standalone car mods as it would get mods out quicker. As like they modelled and textured the ISI BMW Sauber 2007 car, and they learnt alot from doing this that they were able to plug straight into 2006 mod and then probably enhanced that knowledge even further. But the drawback that was mentioned by the team, by the time they completed all the cars, they would probably have 11 different qualites. The original being good at the time but once the 11th car was done it would be poor.

    I’m not saying they will take this approach, it was just something that was mentioned by them that they could possibly/like to do but the main issue it would bring inconsistencys.

    Anyway Mester, that should bring you up on things as I’m sure you are too busy to use search functions at RSC and here 🙂

  22. It’s everything great, but I am more interested in the physics/car-setup part of the mod.

    So I want to ask if it will have any good baseline setups provided with the mod install? Even though it will be defaulted in the hdv file…

    For example, F1C had setups like “grip.svm” as a decent base to build our setups. Even the default stock setups from previous CTDP2005 were confusing for me, taking hours to find a good baseline from where to work the car in all tracks.

    To sum up, I would just like to hear more news about the physical side of the mod, because we already know how good is the graphical quality of your stunning work, guys. Keep it up! 🙂

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