HDR hype,screens & another status update

Ok after the track debut of Renault our blog was a bit unused for some time.  We’re working on some things we can’t directly show to you (like lods and physics). So i asked “Montoya” to create some new shots with the HDR Plugin installed. You can find the result here:


As i mentioned above LODS are still wip. Afborro is coming to an end with lods hopefully until next week so we can test them,soon. AFTER this test we can validate the system requirements for the mod.

18 thoughts on “HDR hype,screens & another status update”

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    screens look great, but i’ve got a question concerning the lods. is there a possibility to disable them afterwards? that would be great for those with really “powerful” pcs 🙂

  2. @ Karl
    I think that’s not a good idea. Our aim is that you won’t recognize the lods so why do you want to disable them?

  3. Great work guys it just looks amazing. Hope you gonna finish that great work soon cause i cant wait to get it in to my hands.


  4. @ Neidryder,
    well, when you make it that way, i’ll be very satisfied! but i know many mods, or even games, where you can very obviously see the different steps, and that’s quit ugly

  5. Screenies are just awsome! Great work, as always.

    I have a question. You will validate system requirements after all work, but are you going to release a HQ version and another for computers which have lower specs?

    Because lots of people (i include myself in) have great computers and GPU’s and it would be really good if we can have a super mod.


  6. I meant about models specs. I explain, although it will be different skinpacks, there will be different packs of models? One with low-polys and other one with lots of polys?

    The HDR and HD Skins will be interesting for the GPU’s.

  7. The lower poly models are in the LODS just use a lower car detail setting in game and you get your lower poly models.

    hope that makes sence 😛

  8. No, i want the high polys ones. I am writting about a Full HQ models mod. I read some time ago that your SC was finished but you were going to reduce polys. It’s logical you will do the same with all cars, and that’s what i am requesting: a mod with models in HQ (more HQ than now is impossible i think, hehe your work is just perfect, but if you could do…)

  9. You don’t notice any difference in game really HQ model to a lower poly model due to all the shading a normal settings so its pointless doing it and would just delay the mod more.

  10. If you want the HQ models you choose the higher settings in gfx menu. If you want the lower models then choose the lower settings in the gfx menu. With that you will have the low and high res skin packs for the cars that CTDP will release.

  11. @ WHAT21A

    I didn’t know that it wouldn’t be any difference, so excuse me for disturbe the team this time.

    Keep up the work. Cheers!

  12. Well, looks very good, but the plugin still has to be a little bit tuned, because it looks kinda dark in some areas, but still, looks very nice 🙂

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