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  1. Just refresh page once you get that error and should work.. worked with me.

    Looking good btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. are u going to include a tool in which you can enable/disable all these plugins like tv style and hdr??? that would be very nice! because i only get tv style OR hdr plugin to work. not both at the same time :/

  3. To me it’s quite obvious that those plugin won’t be included with the mod, but maybe it’s just me. Everybody is free to add them, so there’s no need to put them inside the installer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Display is amazing.Great job guys.

    What about sounds? BMW Sauber sucks on Ferrari.And same for all of the teams.

    Also I have to say that this mod will be a pity with BMW Sauber sounds.Please find a solution this major issue.

  5. It has been stated many times in many different places that we are using the V8 sounds from ISI as they are the best available, we won’t be changing our minds on this issue.

  6. All Livery’s through 2006 no matter how small the change will be included in the mod. it was just an issue with the person making the video not choosing the correct livery.

  7. First of all great work. Now I must give some constructive criticism that the T-cam view is weird, the field of view is too wide, and as I said in the previous T-cams thread the front tires are too distorted. Please compare your T-cam view with an actual T-cam video, say from ITV. In the TV T-cams, the camera is a little bit further and the view is not at all distorted. As gh said above, there is too much ‘tunnel-vision’. If you guys could replicate the T-cam from ITV broadcasts, that would be awesome.

  8. The new mod is looking really good, nice work!
    I noticed what the max. rpm is by 19.000, is it possible to increase it? because in 2006 many teams drove with over 20.000rmp and the limit of 19.000rmp came first 2007.

  9. man when you gonna learn it. Its done when its done!!!!!! We are all waiting for this great mod. But if we want it to be the best we have to wait. It is said they wont have theire own sounds but the rest of the mod will be just brilliant.

  10. Uzair, I think he used a WideScreen monitor, and it affects a lot on the wide range.

    I love T-Cam, HDR, sound, etc.

    Cannot be better.

  11. Regarding the T-CAM

    I think the person who did this video has a Widescreen monitor, therefore you would see more on either side than you would if you compare the 06 video of Schumacher where it wasn’t widescreen.

  12. thanks for the video CBastos… one again you can see >> schumacher is so amazing… awesome, how he drives the car… i cant believe it… it’s magic, unbelievable

  13. What happened to the team? No more updates or info? Am I missing something??? Are you there???

  14. Maybe we have some life next to modding and we can’t work and post updates every day. But this is just a rumor, that has yet to be confirmed.

  15. Guys how many work do yo have witch mod 2006? is 2.5 2008 and your work is long 2years. Will be relased this year or next. Sorry but I wait ant wait and mod is not stil complet. Do you prepare someting special? Bay

  16. I think that an interesting option would be to release Gran Turismo Forever too: you are Duke Nukem and you can shoot at Gran Turismo’s cars, that finally would have damages. ๐Ÿ˜†


  17. Bit of a shame you dont put the same effort into the sounds as you do the models. McLarens distinctive engine will be ruined

  18. How are we supposed to put effort into something we don’t know anything about? Doing cars is not the same as doing sounds and without a sound specialist and proper samples (which cost) it would do more harm than good.

  19. @ (CTDP)Dahie

    Mate, ISI 2007 BMW sounds are good, so focus on doing the cars as good as you, all the team, know.

    Doesn’t matter if a McLaren sounds as a BMW (I preffer a good BMW sound than a McLaren ugly sound). We only want the perfect mod, and you have it nearly done.

    Very good work, keep it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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