Cockpit & Tcam Previews

Hey guys, We have been showing allot of progress over the last few weeks so i thought it would be good to get stuck into the real important stuff. 🙂 I’m sure your all wondering what your new “office” is going to look like when we get round to releasing the mod, well wait no longer 🙂

BMW Sauber:

More Inside…..



Red Bull:

Spyker – Midland

Super Aguri SA05:

Super Aguri SA06:

Toro Rosso:



We hope you like 🙂 – The Renault cockpit and Tcam will be posted when the finished car and livery’s make its track Debut.
Now also something me and Andy have been working on which we need feedback for, we have been applying Visor tear offs in a unique way and need feedback on the test we have done with Robert Kubica’s Helmet.

Constructive Feedback please.

Thanks, Whata (Shaun)

34 thoughts on “Cockpit & Tcam Previews”

  1. some tcams seems to be far far away from the nose… it looks like the car is veeeeeeeeeeery long and slim… like the SA05 and 06 screens…

    but i should compare them to real pics onboard in order to judge them…

    looking great! specially the wonderful Williams Cosworth (H)

  2. It’s not a good work, great, great, great and again great work.

    Kubica’s Helmet is awesome, even if it’s not done. Details are the best we could see.

  3. Whats that blurry black stripe just under the top (left side) Of Kubica’s helmet? And just wanted to say that everything looks fkin amazing, you can see the time that went into creating these things! =D

  4. I’m sorry but you guys made me feel totally speechless~~~Brilliant Works~~~!!

    On the captured screens, I can see difference skins are used for Spyker-Midland and Williams because their nosecone and mirror are with difference color and graphic layout~~~~
    Oh~~my god~! The Robert Kubica’s Helmet just looks like real……

    I’m about to cry too…….

  5. Wonderful job guys ! This is really stunning, I’m very very looking forward to this mod which will be (in my opinion) the best F1 Mod ever 😉

    I noticed a little bug on the “pull” thing which is written backward (maybe it was like this in reality, if so sorry :p ).

    Good luck to finish your masterpiece, you are doing great !


  6. this is incredible… i am very surprised this is rfactor!! these screens look so amazing!!!
    Great work CTDP!!! 😀

  7. I really love the cockpits. I gotta’ say your Schubert helmet has got much more dimension since the 2005 mod I think the paint of it has done a lot. It all looks so real and the tear-offs looks brilliant. Very nice.

    I’ve hoped the cpits was different from car to car. But that’s maybe too much to hope for. It’s difficult to find in-cockpit pictures.

    Brilliant CTDP your 06 mod will be the best F1 mod for any simulator – congrats. MMG is amazing but CTDP will be astonishing top of the top!

  8. Just to add. The viewable mirrors will also be available in upgrade options soon, so you can select realistic mirror positions, or viewable mirros without having to sit really far back or having to look left/right to see them.

    Especially useful for a cars like the Ferrari.

    There are always those that will want one or the other, so we felt both options would cater for all 🙂

  9. Just amazing! What a great job you did!! Nothing s eems more real!

    I’m really looking forward to this mod and all the others you’ll make 😉


    PS: sorry for my English

  10. 😀 … all i wanted to say is: absolutely amazing.. the only thing i noticed was, that the super aguri looks a bit thin somehow … nevertheless awesome

  11. the attention to detail is jaw dropping.
    and the mclaren cockpit shot is surreal!
    cant wait for this mod!

    (hope it released before june 🙂 )

  12. FANTASTIC work guys! Love the detail in the steering wheels, its better than anything seen before in rFactor or any other sim.

    Just one piece of constructive criticism, as pointed out before the T-Cam views are too ‘elongated’ and the nose of the car seems too far away from the camera – this is in all the views but specially so in the Super Aguri and BMW Sauber for example. As best as I can remember the T-Cam view in the ISI BMW Sauber 2006 was the best ever. I even copied the code from the camera file in that mod to the camera files of the CTDP05 mod, and the results were great. SO you guys should definitely look at the T-Cam (both the ‘INS’ key one and the ‘HOME’ key one) from ISI BMWSauber 06.

  13. That’s a great sample photo, -TB-. I concur that the T-Cam view should match the one from the onboard video shots. One particular thing I note in the rfactor T-Cam renders is that the front tyres have a sort of ‘trapezoidal’ effect where the tops of the tyres are narrower than the bottom width, and the outer vertical edge is sloped inwards more than the inside vertical edge. I guess this is a sort of distortion since the side mirrors and sidepod tops in the T-Cam renders are also stretched out horizontally. If you guys could somehow replicate the T-Cam view to be _exactly_ like the one from the real-life T-Cam in the image provided by _TB- (or other real-life onboard images/vids), then that would be awesome! Notice that in the real-life T-Cam the front part of the car (nose, front wing etc) does not seem so far away as in the rfactor render, and also there is less distortion.

    Anyways this is all minor constructive criticism, if worst comes to worst and the camera files are not to my (or any particular user’s) liking, then we can always modify them ourselves.

  14. Truly top draw stuff.

    Having facturly acurate T’Cams is great when your watching your race’s back in the replay fridge.

    However when your actually racing I would say being slightly to one side of the centre of the car, or further back giving you an elongated view of the front would be a massive draw back.

    As a person who races from the T’Cam I would say that instantly I would be at a disadvantage as the centre of the car and thus the point from where your brain calculates the sensation of oversteer etc is not where your controling from.

    I don’t wan’t to be seen as a ‘knocker’ of the great work done by this team, but I beg you to have a camera/view option from the centre line of the car. After all, a simulation has to acknowledge some aspects of the reality of using it.

    Hope you understand what I’m on about and again many thanks for your hard work.


  15. There will be three optional t-cams for the mod. One centered, one real and one mixed (real and drivable).

    I think the FOV is ok. The resolution of the pictures is 1600×1200. I worked with 1280×1024. That´s another format.

  16. Thats good news then. Im interested to see what a “mixed” one looks like.

    Keep up the good work CTDP.

  17. Yeh looking at that picture -TB- posted id say its needs oriential position moved down,,, the fov when im making tcams to get realistic looking usually is about 55/60. as you see the ctdp screen the tyres are quite far away from the edges of the screen left and right, changed the FOV to 55 and moving the cam back to suit will give you a better result. And orientation position, move the up-down value more down, but not too much as when you do this it gets hard driving with the virtual mirror.

  18. Have you noticed that thet steering wheel of Toro Rosso is backwatds????? Like the mirrors in Monaco track????


  19. I´ll be glad and proud to helping you testing the new Visor Tear offs.
    Side note: I still use the CTDP 2005 and this mod still the best one around. Just one (4) word. “You are the BEST”

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