Super Agrui SA06 Part IV – Textures – Japan GP [Update: 11 March 2008]

Japanese Grand Prix Livery + Lines and Bolts Preview:
Super Aguri SA06 Japanese Grand Prix Livery

[Note: All Livery’s are finished i just don’t have time to make a preview for all of them (They are only slight changes to a few logo’s)]

Hope you all like it, Comments and Question welcomed πŸ˜‰

Car = Brazil Spec – Texture = Germany GP Spec (German GP spec car requires a few changes)
Super Aguri First WIP

14 thoughts on “Super Agrui SA06 Part IV – Textures – Japan GP [Update: 11 March 2008]”

  1. Nearly complete with the season updates, then its the lines and bolts. Then Andy can finish with the car πŸ™‚

  2. Good one Shaun. Congrats.


    The mod will be ready when you see it’s released on our website. Simply as that πŸ˜‰ Also, if you see things in DevLog that means that the mod is under development.

  3. roger82 – i’ve seen you post in a few places asking about mods being released. In some case the modder had only just posted an updated a few days prior.

    You can see how things are progressing in the blog. It’ll be done when its ready – not a minute sooner or later.

  4. It’s not going to release very soon, but the blog shows how relatively quickly its coming together. I think it’ll go faster now that even the dev team can see the end coming closer and closer, personally I can’t wait. I think this’ll be the deepest rFactor mod ever made. Between it and the 98 CART demo I doubt I’ll play many other mods.

  5. sorry guys for my stupid question in my last post. i would like to know if the AI will be improved in single player thanks

  6. Does anyone actually play rFactor single player these days?! πŸ˜›

    Looking spangly anyway – just gotta keep on moaning till it’s released πŸ˜‰

  7. All lines and bolts were completed Sunday, with the season updates also completed.

    I am just fixing a few errors now after 1 or 2 parts of the car had to be remapped.

  8. The CTDP team knows what they are doing. Instead of releasing a mod full of errors they make sure everything is as error free as possible and then release.

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