Steering wheels, the last one …

It’s the last one. The Honda steering wheel ready for a lick of paint, all others are ingame now. Kizz’s modelled this wheel some time ago and I have reworked it a bit, mainly to make it a bit more consistent and the same as the others I did,  so they all have a consistent look and feel throughout. 

 Kizz already did a large amount on the paint, which I will rework to fit the modified/remapped wheel,  that should be done by tomorrow / Friday,  …. after that I’ll begin LOD work.  The last steering wheel screenshot and post 🙂   


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  1. We finished all High-detail models. They are used by the game when you see the car close-up. For bigger distances the ames lods lods (level-of-detail). Models which have less details, which you can’t see in the distance anyway, but which safe performance and make the game go smoother.

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