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Hello everybody!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shaun is working on SA06 liveries (as you can see in previous posts), alex (afborro) finished the last steeringwheels (all 11 wheels are finished now) and is working on something special for the showroom (will be a small surprise for you guys). I’m finishing the SA06 Shape now, i fixed some small inaccurancies at the wheelbases of Mclaren, Toyota and Renault. Then i have to add the shark grills to the Renault and bake shadows for SA06 and Renault. So i think you guys want to know what’s left so far? Well a lot of small stuff and some bigger things like the safety car ;). If everyting is going well we can start with testing in about 6-8 weeks. So the end is coming closer and closer!

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  1. thats great.good job guys.but 6-8 weeks is too much????but ok i understand,mod will be better as mmg.Forza Motosport and motosport is CTDP 2006.screens are beautifull.thats lot ofr work. THANKS GUYS THANKS and keep racing

  2. @ David Maruniak … don’t get me wrong.. but the ctdp team already said about 12986312 times, that they are going to use the isi bmw07 sounds for the v8 cars and the ctdp05 sounds for the v10 cars =)

  3. Thats realy sad that you haven’t found any sound maker 🙁
    Realy dissapointing 🙁 A great , fantastic mod without sounds. Like a big , tasty cake , but without cherry on the top.

  4. About the 6 – 8 weeks, for those interested in some of the work involved:

    I’ve been doing LODs models for the first car, the sauber, and due to all the seasonal upgrades, the number of objects per car is huge, I am about 80% done with this car and the number of objects is now a whopping 178 !!! i.e. objects are things like wings, carbody, detachable parts such as bardge boards etc. The 3d file is now over 50 MB ! compare that with a single car file would probably be less than 10 Mb

    There is just no comparison in the work involved when you have a car made to spec for each race as opposed to a single car for the whole season 😉

  5. As I said before, CTDP 2006 should sound like this (btw this one is a V10 sound):

    You can clearly see that with real sounds, immersion is 100 times better. It is sad that this part of the game is the only one that will not improve.
    It will be like playing a High Definition game with mono sound…

    Oh well, there are still 6 to 8 weeks of work, I’ll keep dreaming…

  6. lol @ CBastos …

    first: this isn’t a v10 sound, this is the v8 sound of the 2006 ferrari

    and second: this sound isn’t ingame.. it’s simply a replay where the original sounds were put over

    read: “Sound is from Schumacher’s pole position lap with Ferrari in 2006”

    it’s impossible to get those sounds ingame. and for that reason i think that the isi sounds/ctdp05 sounds are perfect

  7. Imo the ISI Sounds are pretty good and even CTDP 2005 had a quite good sound. So we stay with these sounds, because we haven’t found any good sound director for new engine sounds. It doesn’t make sense just to make new sounds which are not as good as the ISI ones only for putting this part into the feature list.

  8. To Karl,

    My mistake regarding the engine. And I KNOW that this is original sound put over, but that’s the point of my post. Did you hear how well it sounds and how perfect a match it is to rfactor. I don’t know or care wether it can be done or not, this is what it should sound like and this is what we should get.
    Some people can’t stop posting because a sticker is half an inch on the right or on the left and I just don’t understand why nobody seems to care to achieve the same perfection with engine sounds.
    This is the 2006 season and we should have 2006 sounds that are different whether you drive a renault, a McLaren or a Ferrari.
    To me this mod will be half perfect. Perfect on the visual part, decieving on the audio part.
    It’s like having the best movie with the best actors, but where all the voices are dubbed by the same actor using the same tone. Ridiculous.

    I am looking formward to play this mod and I respect the amount of work CTDP is putting into it but I wish someone will, someday, work on new sounds.

  9. I can only repeat the things that have been said before. Sounds have two problems:

    1. It’s as easy as painting a logo on a car. Sound editing is ALOT more complicated. The software is smore difficult and you can not do an engine sound “from scratch”. You will always need samples of engines. And not one sample, but dozents, all at different revs, clean without any destortions or noise. And if you are good you consider recordings from different positions around the car. This costs money. But it doesn’t help to get a real engine sound because …

    2. There is no defition of a “real” engine sound. On car designs you can go and check, if the logo is on the right place and if it is 1 inch off, you can correct it. It can be measured, it’s discreet, quantifiable. Sounds aren’t sound “sounds” for everybody different. It’s perceived different. It can sound alike, you can compare it, but there is no “right way”.
    At the end it’s a matter of taste.

  10. Greetings CTDP folks–

    I still say the sounds you all did for the CTDP 2005 Mod are absolutely amazing! They’re big, mean, loud, and full–great job.

    Also thanks for all of your hard work on the 2006 Mod.


  11. Hallo all folks!

    Really great to see and read everything getting together! Watching both Honda cars really feels like home.

    I bought new speaker set some months ago and I most say I like a lot more to play with BMW07 sounds than hear some broken ‘tv-realistic’ sounds wich everybody can cause by themself anyway with simply using 1,50€ headset with too loud volume.

    I dont see any sence talking about ‘real’ sounds before somebody finds some professionals, studio for week or two and gets all 11 cars to record sounds from all needed positions. Just like big game makers atleast used to do in past..

    Keep up the perfect work! 😉

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