R26 [5/6] – The Kebab [LOL]

Hey Guys! Want a Kebab? Maybe not, and you’d rather this Turkish Renault. Only one skin left and R26 will make track debut… and also that means that the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter and brighter… Also, notice that that model has the shadows, that means, more progress ^_^

R26 From Turkey - CTDP 2006

Hope you like it, and as always, Q&C more than acepted 😉

PS. Known bug already solved is the mapping of the front wing.

10 thoughts on “R26 [5/6] – The Kebab [LOL]”

  1. Incredible, this is getting better and better. Man, I want to play with your Renault and with the entire mod as soon as posible. This will be the best mod ever made.

    Anyway, take your time to fihish it. I hate when people release mods with poor quality, full of bugs and uncompleted.

    You rocks, guys!

  2. sweet work on the reno…

    btw, if i remember good, 2 years ago ctdp 05 service pack was “not” launched for f1c hehe…good ol’ memories

  3. You are a bad man !!! Now I can’t get those Kebabs out of my head because I missed lunch.

    I’ll forgive you because it looks good 🙂

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