R26 [3/6] – Canadian GP

Hey Guys!

I thought I’ll never paint this, but I’m very proud of it. It is painted as close as possible to the real one. Also, the Shape in the preview is Canadian GP Spec (and don’t worry about the normals near the cockpit, they’re going to be fixed).

R26 From Canada

Hope you guys enjoy and like. Questions and Comments are welcomed 😉

12 thoughts on “R26 [3/6] – Canadian GP”

  1. The attention to detail, in both the texturing and modelling, does justice to the comparative effort applied to developing the real thing!

  2. LODs do not take as much time as making a full model, because you have a lot of tools to help you, although some bits have to be done manually to get the best results.

    however, with all the upgrades we have a lot more objects to make LODs for compared with CTDP05 , but don’t worry, it is not anything as much work as the time scales for making the high detail LOD of a whole car.

  3. Lods mean Level-of-details and are model-veriants of the original car-model with lower face-counts. Basically we take the full-detail-mod and reduce details. The lods display ingame in the distances, when you don’t notice the fewer details anyway. This helps to improve graphic performance.

  4. Oh ok thanks i almost always Race with ctdp 2005 With everything on full details and i really love it i hope this will be just as enjoyable…:D

    Good luck

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