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I am currently cleaning and reorganising my harddrives and I stumbled upon an older video from 2005. It’s a capture from the Bahrain F1-Coverage on the dutch channel SBS. We finished the first proper version of the Bahrain-track for F1Challenge a few months before and they asked if they could use it during the coverage. We prepared a version and a kitbashed 2005-wanna-be-Toyota. I later got a capture of the show and cut it to this little piece of history. 🙂

Ah memories are a nice thing sometimes!

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5 thoughts on “Video refound”

  1. Good video, nice piece of history for CTDP certainly.

    I know that 3D Motors on Motors TV in the UK review CTDP2005 for rFactor, so it would be nice to get hold of that video if anybody has it 🙂

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