some update…

i thought to let you know that i am quite busy finishing modelling and artwork for 1994. progress is processing very well. picture shows some fictional constellation of the 94 benetton ford, as the rear wing is the late season one. just wanted to have a look at the measurements. next will be steering wheels and the face lift of the williams, cause i noticed i modelled the wrong nose, a pre-season one. if there is someone out there who can deliver pictures of steering wheels, especially from the low-budget teams, this would be great. so far, have a great time…


9 thoughts on “some update…”

  1. thx for the url, roger82. i already knew this adress. but it shows a fw16b, not the brazilian featured fw16.
    techniques on the textures will be the same, so i think it should be also the same quality as for 2006.

  2. i have the brazilian gp 1994 in my computer….if u want i can get pictures from the video and send to u…maybe u have that gp too

  3. this news in here are quite old, i guess you should go forward twice within the devblog 😉
    i am finishing cockpits atm.

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