R26 [2/6] – The Kitty!! ^_^

Yesterday, SA Updates, now this… CTDP’s in Constant Motion… (DT Fans will understand…). Also yesterday, I’ve finished the exams… so now I can be a full time painter. I spent all the afternoon and evening (that’s why I wasn’t on Messenger), and finally, after 5 or 6 hours, I came with this…

R26 Kitten Skin

So, here’s the kitten of CTDP 😉

Hope you like it guys… next will be Canada… the most pain in the rear I’ve ever seen…

29 thoughts on “R26 [2/6] – The Kitty!! ^_^”

  1. @pascaljackson

    Thanks for the tip, but I’m sad to say that this is a different mapped area, and also, I’ll have to move the whole painting to fit that minor think.

    Don’t think is an error, only an adaptation of the reality to our car 😉

    But thanks anyway 😉

  2. Wow, these cars look amazing. Better than the 2005 mod, if the physics have also improved this much then this mod (and the 1994 one) can blow everything out of the water.

  3. By the time a good quality 07 mod as MMG07 comes out , noone would like to play a 06 mod even if it is the best in the world . Sorry guys but i think u need to hurry a little and keep up with the real f1 progress .

  4. @4tghrd.
    I and my friends are looking forward to this mod and I can’t see why CTDP should hurry beacause of MMG’s 2007 mod is getting released before.
    If a mod is good then the the year of the racingseries its represending is only of secondary importence.
    Historic racingmods like the F1 1979, would be out of date if You talk like that.
    Take Your time to finish it…

  5. HAHA – What a crackpipe… Should see half the shite in the MMG Mod its not cleaned off as much as the CTDP current mod is based of what we have off screenshots. It’s terrible in comparison, the latest build from last night was worse than the demo. Only a few plus things you can say for the mod. I’d rather wait for a cleaner well rounded mod than a sicknotes job.


  6. I was dissapointed by MMG . Its like updated fsone .
    Nothing extraordinary with lots of bugs .
    Guys we are counting on u now.
    Dont dissapoint us . 😉

  7. yeh I find MMG’s release version worst than there beta imo.

    After seeing that I’m so glad the ctdp team have taken there time and not rushed out CTDP F1 2006 it most certainly will be the best mod I think most people realise this we just have to be patient.

  8. ye.ye don`t rush ctdp team.work slowly like always and release your mod 2014.wtf…
    forget mmg,f1rft and no more patient four your
    team.we wont ctdp 2006 very very soon.

  9. Are u going to release any mappack?It would be nice to have tracks like bahrain or other with sln updates into a full pack by ctdp!

  10. @ fantasy mod????

    If you are not interested in CTDP 2006, what are you doing here ? Please leave the board and go play with the MMG 2007. We are not asking for a 2008 mod for next month or something else…just an hish quality mod for the games…be fast is a thing, be good is another…

    (sorry for my english, i’m French…)

  11. Looks amazing guys. Keep up the good work. Have you guys found anyone to do sounds or are you still sticking with the ISI sound?

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