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So time for seeing something different than cars, helmets etc 🙂

CTDP F1 2006 will also have small utilities for customizing the mod. We call it ControlCenter (CC) and I want to tell you something about it, so that you know what to expect.


Of course you can launch rFactor with the tool, you optionally can select parameters you want to start the game with and which mod you want to have loaded first. In fact that’s all you can select when starting rFactor with the CC, it was never designed to be a “mod manager”, simply there are already several tools. So it’s still your choice how you start the game, with a “mod manager”, with the CC or in the “old fashioned” style through a shortcut on your desktop.

More important is that you can easily update your playerprofile with recommended settings, like it was already possible after the installation of CTDP05. But this time you also can restore backuped profiles if you don’t like the new settings.

So now the key-feature (the reason why we think a CC is needed): You can change between Spyker and Midland-liveries. So just select the livery you prefer. Unfortunately rFactor does not support livery changes during a season, so we think that’s the best way.

Next station in this small overview are the music- and menumanager. CTDP F1 2006 will have new background-music for menues but of course you can add/delete the music you want to add/delete. Your choice :). Maybe you think that’s not important. you maybe right, but if you are one of the users that stays a little longer in the menues for checking all upgrades for the cars like I did. Fantastic what F1 Teams changes during races… added a little wing here, removed another there. The “Menumanager” gives you the option to choose between menu-styles (what surprise^^). At the moment we plan to include an improved CTDP-Menu and the original rF-Menu in CTDP F1 2006. So again it’s your choice what you prefer.


At the end of this little tour let me tell you something about the plugin-support of CTDP F1 2006. The CC detects what plugin you have installed and you can configure them with the CC. The CC supports TV/Spotter/RealFeel/Telemetry-PlugIns.

12 thoughts on “Programmer’s stuff”

  1. Great to hear that you are making these things

    I hope that it works really well and when i hear such features, it’s really great that it’s a part of CTDP 😀

    And please never announce you’re gonna release an “animation plugin” *g*


  2. Very good news, especially for the .plr rules’ modification: previously I installed CTDP 2005 in a different rFactor installation because I didn’t want to manually change season’s rules from mod to mod. Now it will be much easier!

  3. Important question: Conserning windows vista. I am sure you guys know that for Windows Vista users with “User Account Control” safety feature enabled, the rFactor “REPLAYFRIDGE”, “SUPPORT” and “UserData” folders are in the username/documents/rFactor folder. Will these utilities be “Vista friendly”? Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  4. You will get this nice windows-popup where you can decide if you want to execute an application or abort it. This is neccessary because for starting rFactor as admin the CC needs to be run as admin, too. So if you allow the CC to get adminrights on startup you will have no problems with starting rFactor, every folder is in the location it has to be :).

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