a Little help needed

Hi all,

Anyone out there in the community that has any decent photos of the Super Aguri SAO6 steering wheel would be greatly appreciated.  We have some but they are not suffcient to recreate the model accurately.  

As a little progress update, all wheels are ingame except the Honda wheel by Kizz which is WIP,  and the Aguri which I am about to model. 

Many thanks in advance for any material you may be aboe to provide

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  1. I’ve provided a pic for you guys already, though it was a bit small i admit. I think F1-live had some super aguri wheel pics, you’ll just need to find someone with a subscription who’ll be willing to browse through the 2006 gp pictures!

  2. Thanks Andreas, I got them now and you can delete the link.

    Ian(3x), you can mail by at alex(dot)borro(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk

    Thanks for the help so far.

  3. You can’t get anywhere near the amount detail needed in a video for modeling or texturing but thanks for your contribution.

  4. Not essential, the model is done now and begun mapping and painting this weekend, but If you have a high resulotion closeup shot showing the wheel on the front I’d be interested.

  5. Hi CTDP team….any news about the mod 1994 and 2006? whats the status now? i would like to ask u if its possible to convert the cars from grand prix 4 to Rfactor..if its possible can someone send me the guide to my email?

    its only for personal use

  6. I fully hope that you guys finish the 2006 mod in a few weeks, before the 2008 F1 season is launched off, because otherwise most of the rFactor F1 leagues are forced to use another F1 mod 🙁

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