[UPDATE 5-FEB-08] R26 on my hands [and again…]

Hey CTDP’ers!

Just want to let you know that R26 is on the way. You may notice that is the second post of the R26, but just let you know that some errors on the shape and mapping were the reason why this car is delaying. Also Paulo let me paint that beauty… Thanks Man!

Now, as Andy fixed the things I’ve told about that (both shape and mapping), sent me the “new” car and here I am, painting it, combining with exams.

Also, wish me luck as I’ll paint all the track-specific liveries… More WIPs to come, so Stay Tunned!!


EDIT: 2nd WIP with the main desing done!!


15 thoughts on “[UPDATE 5-FEB-08] R26 on my hands [and again…]”

  1. @E7d
    On the subject of FPS we don’t exactly know yet as the LOD’s aren’t done, what i can say is i get around 50fps at the back of the grid full full detail at Bahrain, but i have a very good spec PC.

  2. Currently the fps we have ingame are of no meaning, because we have no lods and the textures are still all 2k of size. In the regular release they will be 1k and 2k as addon for highend-computers. I expect Fps to be the same as 2005.

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