Physics Statusreport

We’re nearly done with all the basics…
What’s close to final(~):

  • General Feeling
  • Tire Slip Curves
  • Suspension geometry to all Teams
  • Gearboxes to all teams
  • Shift delays to all Teams
  • Integrated ad much real data as never before
  • Matching Top speed and Lap times on all accurate 2006 Formula One Tracks with optimum Setups (hard work 😉 )
  • Damage
  • Wear
  • Cooling (Brake ducts, Radiator(Engine))
  • Tires: Supersoft, Soft, Medium, Hard,Superhard each will come to you in 3 Versions, cold, warm and hot, they differ in their optimum operating temperature.
  • Ferrari@ Bahrain and a lot upgrades
  • Slipstream/Drafting
  • Engines
  • Super Aguri Basics
  • McLaren Basics
  • Renault Basics


  • All Team Basics
  • All Upgrades per Track (not as much work left)
  • Michelin Tweaks
  • Small Tweaks in Drafting and Slipstreaming (nearly done)
  • Tire heating Tweaks to match optimum Tires and Temps on all tracks
  • Selecting Out wrong tires per Track (means in Barcelona only Medium and Hard will be available, Monaco will have Super soft and Soft)

We are working hard, mostly 10 hours per night, did about 20.000 Test laps and we all need a break after finishing that.
Greetz, Gonzo 

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41 thoughts on “Physics Statusreport”

  1. Thanks all of you for your hardwork.I am sure We will see the most realistic mod ever when you have finished this job.Just one question??

    What about the sounds??

  2. We’ll use the BMW 2007 sounds for V8 sounds and CTDP2005 sounds for V10 sounds. There is nobody in our team that can’t do great sounds and we asked a few people for help but the result wasn’t as great as we wished. That’s why we’ll use these “old” sounds.

  3. I have already prepared a fresh rF install with only Sauber 07 left in it: this mod deserves a proper folder, without the risk to be messed up by something else! 😉

    Just a little question: what about the 2005 update you planned after 2006 release? Is it in your “to do list” or will you focus on 1994 mod, then?

    Thank you anyway: this time I’ll do a small donation too.


  4. It’s not “starts crying for the next one”, it’s just being curious if the update CTDP talked about is still on your minds or if you thought it was not worthy and prefer to focus on something else, that’s all. 2006 mod will keep us busy for a long time I think. 😉

  5. I don’t know wether this is mentioned before, but will there be a loss of grip/downforce when driving in another car’s slipstream?

  6. Bit disapointed about not having new sounds 🙁 , its the one thing that is missing from every single f1 mod, realistic sounds. But i guess it wont be long before someone makes newer ones and we can use them.

  7. great news, great…..
    I can’t wait to drive that ferrari or bmw on some track…..amaizing


  8. These is a very pity news to hear we will have old sounds in 2006 mod.I don’t have any doubt about this mod will be the No:1 mod ever. So someone must help CTDP on sounds.I will do my best to help you CTDP crew.I just started to mailing sound masters.


  9. @ David Smith’s comment;

    Yes its a shame they arn’t able to do it. But remember the engines are now frozen until 2017 so each year the sounds produced should not differ too much if much at all. And with the sound advancements High Definition brings it won’t be long till the sound masters can start getting some nice feeds to play on.

  10. @ Karl
    In CTDP2006 there will be an Upgrade for each track so that the car will become faster from race to race like in reality.

  11. @ RobertsLV
    I haven’t heard Fsone 2007 sounds but 2006 sounds were not really good, very unbalanced and different in quality. The most difficult thing at making sounds is a straight quality level through all sounds, that’s why we haven’t touched them and there are no sounds availible which can beat the ISI sounds atm.

  12. I’m talking about fsone2006.
    I there were 2 sound versions of FSOne 2006.
    In Fsone 1.0 it realy sounds crapy , but in 1.1 much better. maybe you haven’t heard sounds from 1.1 version … i thinks its better than nothing.

  13. Well, I have my own sounds for each team (or better explained, for each engine company).

    I have McLaren, Ferrari, BMW-Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Honda (the other 5 teams use Ferrari (x2), Renault, Toyota and Honda engines, so I use the same sounds too) engine sounds.

    McLaren and Ferrari are base from FSOne, but I have edited them a bit (removing the looping sound, for example), and the rest are made at my own.

    External sounds are the same for every team, but they are quite good.

    I can send you the files, but you should ask FSOne for that Ferrari and McLaren Sounds (I think there will be no problem at all. If you prefer, I will speak to Kikoni or to CoDeX).

    If you are interested add me at carlos_31_10 (at) hotmail (dot) com and let’s speak.

    Cya, and keep up the good work here mates!

  14. I forgot it. I do not have permission from FSOne for that 2 sounds (edited by myself…), so I ONLY use them at my own and personal way (I have no published them).

  15. How many people working wich CTDP 2006 project?
    Will be done CTDP 2006 before start realy season 2008? Jour project CTDP 2006 is long time, but never mind I belive tou. Jour mod vill be best and it will be fun for long time.
    I’m enjoying it.

  16. Ok: I spent more time trying to understand something about what was written there (thanks to an online translator, as I don’t speak German :D) and I forgot about the easy possibility they took the shots by themselves, having them the beta. ^^

  17. You know what also would be cool. To have a draft meter on the screen like in F1 2002 for the PS2. It tells you when to pull out when your meter is full and it gives you a mini boost to pass the car in front of you.

  18. Most mods have little information about how the physics where done.
    It would be nice to have a summary of real data that was possible to get, how this data was applied, if it was needed to be modified, what data had to be guessed and what limitations have been found on rFactor.
    Thanks for such a great mod! Its a very hard work indeed, thanks a lot!

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