Ferrari Upgrades finished & more

Hey guys,

We’re back in work after our small x-mas vacation. Today i finished the Ferrari Upgrades for the whole season. The screenshots are a bit ugly because of the jpeg compression but i think you can get what i want to show ;). So there is only SuperAguri for Upgrades left, my next work will be Renault, have to do some shape fixes and some mapping issues to solve. After that i’ll hopefully finish the SuperAguri Upgrades which are already progressing by Marko S. Then i need to finish the new driverbody and the worst thing at the whole mod………. LOD’s!



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  1. the ferrari look perfect…im sure ill spend a lot of time with this mod and the 1994 mod….thanks guy for make me happy when i see new screenshots and news from U

  2. Not entirely perfect. The little thing in the middle holding the rear wing planes together should be white, not black.

  3. Oh, and the wings at the sides of the martini logo should be red and not black;) but i guess this is still WIP anyway

  4. Fred, the wings are black, I’ve two pictures showing that,and that car is the reason why I’m looking forward to… Great Job!!!

  5. @fred the perfect guy :
    Who cares what the martini logo color is black or red? Why are you complaining about small details? Will it make you faster if it’s red? I hate those stupid comments. It IS perfect!

  6. Now first take a look at this picture.

    Look exactly IN THE MIDDLE of the rear wing. I’m NOT talking about the two black pillars, I’m talking about the little white piece in the middle of the rear wing, in between the red stripe code. That thing is WHITE,not black. impossible to miss.

    And then this pic for the Monza spec:

    Look at the very sides of the martini logo in the front. The wings are clearly RED.
    Believe me I’ve studied this car for several months when I built it out of wood.

  7. Oh, about the last picture, you are thinking of the camera wings, and yes, they are black. But in Monza there should be two red wings there, but in all other specs they are black

  8. @Fred: the Nose-Wing will be moved forward and painted red in the next version, the bug has been noted and will be fixed.

    @Cenk: Calm down, this is why we do this devblog, so that we get feedback in case we missed something and this are details and small things to patch, so we are glad to get this feedback.

  9. @ Cenk the ignorant

    I dont mean to be rude, I just want this car perfect, since it almost is perfect, and it would be very annoying if small details brings it down. The small details are very important. So don’t come here with your own stupid comments and instead learn why this blog exists

  10. @ Fred you’re absolutely right, I think it’s good for the mod creators help of people like you, for no lose those details… πŸ˜‰

  11. ok guys, i fixed the black rearwing thing, dunno how that happened but it’s fixed now. I also fixed the Monza spec nosetips (from black to red) thanks fred for pointing these two things out! That’s the feedback we need πŸ™‚

  12. Another thing now when I see the China spec. Look at the front wing enplates on those pictures. And then look at this:

    You see that the end-plates are completely rectangular in the China spec, and doesn’t have those small lowerings at the top.

    Even if this should be another late season spec, they still are like in china πŸ™‚

  13. And the very last thing. there should be a red line at the bottom plane of the rear wing.
    The red line is only there in the Marlboro livery, not the bar-code livery

  14. Hi there Dahie, Neidryder, downforce3d, and all others involved.

    Just a minor comment. In comparing the front wing of the 248 F1 to photographs, it seems as if the upper element is slightly different in shape:

    Note that in the link above the element has more of a ‘wave’ or ‘twist’ in its profile, wheras the your model has only a slight bend. I can understand if this is a trade off of sorts, I just wanted to bring it to your attention if you hadn’t already noticed it.

    Congratulations to all of you on your success so far, the extent and quality of work is well worth commending, as too the initiative taken.

  15. The front of the cockpit seems to be too high, that looks really strange… apart from that its great πŸ˜€

  16. I still dislike the front “flexi” wings on the ferrari as it is still has no curve detail…it shouldn’t be just a straight piece of geometry without any curvature. Also the point where the nose meets the cocpit is still extremly steep of an angle, I dont think any spec ferrari had that steep angle…and the nose of the ferrari is not supposed to be hard edged at the corners…the ferraris nose tapered inward at the front nose is something unique to ferrari.

  17. This is part of the general look and feel of the mods that I desire. Years ago CTDP got alot criticism for making very clean and aseptic cars. Since then I worked alot to get the cars dirty and more realistic paintjobs in this regard. Tyres are of course one part and as long as there is no dynamic graphical tyre-usage, I will always go for the “more dirty and used” approach.

  18. Ive always said that about CTDP aswell, never liked the tyres that look like end of race tyres. You see the cars on track before a grand prix gleaming and tryes are fresh which is a better look imo, but that is only my opinion and you obviouly have another which is fine as its your mod. Just wanted to express my view πŸ˜€

    Cars are looking great, cant wait to test these badboys, and hopefully intime for new season starts for leagues which run same calender.

  19. While I agree on most respects with Dahie on having the “Used” look on the tyre treads.

    Maybe a alternate idea would be to provide a 2nd set of tyre textures which look brand new or tyres that have only done 1 lap.

    This may suit some people more than having the worn tyre look

    Just an idea, I remember it being a option in one of the RH mods for F1 Challenge a few years ago.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  20. About tyres, i have a picture of the Ferrari after one Qualy stint (3 Laps) and the tyres look very worn. If i can refind it i’ll upload it asap. But tyres are still some points i’m still doing experiments, because im not 100% happy.

  21. It will be very hard to make everyone happy, i guess its something ctdp has always done differently from the rest of the modding groups which you could say makes you unique.

    They tyres when stationary dont bother me when they look worn, but when there spinning they look abit weird in my opinion as you still see the roughness, maybe if you made the first image with worn tyres then the blurred images just make them smoother bit by bit untill fully blurred and look nice with no roughness.

    I just love the look of a brand new F1 car at start of grid, some fresh rubber and ready to go racing πŸ˜€

  22. It would be good if the tyres didn’t look worn when driving on the track, because in rel life you can’t see if they are wonr or not when the car is on the track

  23. After looking at your latest onboard shot on rFactor Central, as well as the shots provided at the following link:

    It seems like you’ve made some adjustments to the front of the Ferrari. However, the front wing and nose cone still look a little off, so i’ve attached an image that will better describe what i’m talking about by comparing these latest shots of the CTDP model to photos of the real thing:


    Hope it helps! Keep up the great work!


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