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Small update on the homepage. Thanks to Remus for notifying me about some dead download mirrors. They are removed now. If you know webpages that host our stuff (any game) (registered download or free) please contact us, so we can add them.

We would also like to invite webmasters to contact us, who want to participate in the launch of F1-2006 and mirror it. It’s not next week you know, but it’ll come handy.

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8 thoughts on “Download mirrors”

  1. One qustion for all ctdp team
    Honestly,date of release best f1 mod is nearly finished or…Last days January or february
    f1 fans deserve correct date
    too many time,too many patiens

  2. I disagree, fans deserve a well-tested fully developed mod, rather than a premature release only to keep some promised date.

    @MatiKIng: Got it, will respond later.

  3. I agree with (CTDP)Dahie, I don’t want a mod with templates of 2005, with some liveries updated but not accurated at all, and for free, less to say… And, why don’t you put your files on It’s for freee, isn’t it???


  4. Totaly unfair….ctdp
    What`s hardest?
    Development GREATEST MOD EVER or say release date?
    No any news,any problem…
    Every single day i hope,pray,read this blog but nothing…
    Please ctdp

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