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  1. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow…this news make me feel really really really happy….finally i see the news i wanna see…thanks ctdp….. 😛

  2. Wow that looks good

    Will any of the cars contain a modeled onboard camera?

    Schumacher’s Benetton pretty much had a camera molded low down on his left hand side just behind his should for pretty much all year, also the one mounted on the right rear wing endplate.

    Also on Hill & Senna’s Williams they had one again on the left hand side behind there head at Eye level.

    Granted that I would understand it if you didn’t do that as this was at a time when onboards were not always in permanant places.

    Keep up the good work 😀

  3. yes, cameras are modelled for all cars and mounted to different places. see our homepage where the standard location behind the drivers helmet is shown on the screenshots

  4. Thanks for the info BMWfan,

    Forgive me if I am wrong but I think you may have mis understood what I meant.

    I mean will the cars themselves have the actual onboard camera modeled on to it?

    Example being CTDP 05 and 06 where the T-Cam is modeled onto the car itself.

    Will anything like that be done with the 94 mod? As mentioned the Benetton team pretty much had a low down molded camera on the left handside behind the driver on Schumacher’s car all year.

    Apologise for any confusion on this topic 🙂

  5. i have one question…..the 1994 need the same time like the 2006 mod? the cars are not complex like the 2006 cars…so could happen u need less time for finish this mod? thanks ctdp

  6. perhaps, don’t know what will be in the future. cause at the moment, with all the rest of the team involved in finishing 2006 mod, it is only me developing 94 modification. a one man show 😉

  7. But after the mod 2006 all the team will be involved with the team 1994 or u will work always alone? i hope all the time will work together for the mod 1994 too…thanks BMWfan

  8. hi CTDP i would like to ask when i can see the first screenshotof 1994 mod and sometimes to receive a status report….im just waiting for this mod…so i care about this mod really a lot…this mod is realized from scratch or its a conversion from f1 challenge? thanks a lot

  9. @Roger82

    When something significant is developed for any of the CTDP mods, I’m sure they will post it on here 🙂

    Be patient my friend 😉

  10. @BMWfan

    Will you model the actual onboard camera unit onto the car model?

    e.g like the T-Cam is modeled on the 05 and 06 mods.

    Of course the there no T-Cam then but the camera unit placed in the drivers line of sight was very popular then, so was the one attached on the right rear wing endplate.

    I think you mentioned in your first reply that you will simulate it in the cams file which is good of course but having the camera unit modeled onto the car makes it look more realistic 🙂

    thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

  11. http://williams.latphoto.co.uk/media/image/2007/01/WIL2007013140599_PV.jpg

    This is a fairly clear shot of what I mean where it goes onthe car, its on the right of Mansell’s car there but most of the year it was on the left for both cars.


    This is a camera Schumacher pretty much had on his car all year, again mostly on the left side but on occasions the right.

    It would add a touch of realism if the actual camera units were modeled and then attached to the car model in the relavent place.

    Hopefully I have explained clearly enough that you understand what i mean 🙂

  12. @roger82 The mod is loosely based on an early 1994 mod by TDG from 2003, but all models where either heavily modified or completely redone. All textures are new as well.

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