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Hello everyone,

Just a little progress report. No screenshots from me today but after my extended Xmas vacation to let you know that steering wheels have progressed quite bit.  Some clever bloke noted that the Toro Rosso and Red Bull steering wheels were 2007 specification  ( a mistake on our part) :),  this has now been corrected with the TR already redone, the Red Bull nearly done and some small touchups to others. 

This leaves just the Super Aguri as the only wheel to be modelled, so not far away and this part for the work will be completed. 


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10 thoughts on “Steering wheels WIP”

  1. The progress is very slow..More than 1 1/2 year.You could have made a new game in that period and all that for 2006 season..
    rFactor 2 will have come out by the time you finish the mod..

  2. @ CTDP Team: don’t read comments like the pirourirou’s one. It does not make sense. Keep up the good work!

  3. Well, pirourirou you can try to create a 2006 mod by yourself, if you think they are taking too much time.

    Back to the news, anyway: glad to see you back, Alex. I hope everything’s fine! 😉

  4. pirourirou – make the mod yourself. Come on hop 2 3 4 hop 2 3 4… no didn’t think so. You could probably make a low quality mod yourself in a year. This is ultra high quality CTDP are doing, and they are keeping us updated when their is things to be updated on! These guys have lifes, work and families… and even then some of them are still finding time to do full-time positions for CTDP.

    And you never know they may give you a huge surprise even after its been released on rFactor v1255

  5. Karl. For some reason I can’t get the post to appear with image as a reply. But anyway see the post above.

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