Renault WIP

Paulo provided me with some first WIP-shots of the Renault. He is currently painting the car and sorting out mapping flaws. During the next days he will continue his work, so the car will soon be ready. Later Raül will take the texture and create all trackspecific liveries. In the meantime Andy is already getting the car ingame, preparing all shaders and all upgrades.

Renault WIP1Renault WIP2

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One thought on “Renault WIP”

  1. It is looking very nice! The same nice looking as the rest of the work you have showed to us. You are doing a really hard and long work, and I congrat all of you CTDP guys.

    Only a question. Would you mind to write a little text where appear the things you have still to do? I mean, write the name of the 11 teams and the points that are left to be completed that teams at 100%. For example:

    – Ferrari: Skin for Brazil and testing physics.
    And so on. (it is an example).

    Please, I am sure that the community would be happy if you tell us those points.


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