14 thoughts on “Renault Shapes done”

  1. I think half of the upgrades are ready, Renault-texture will be started these days, lods, some steering wheels and physics and small aiditional stuff. That’s all, whats left to do, if I’m right.

  2. I wonder what you have found, because there are no “future” screenshots online at the moment, all that are there, are also on the homepage, nothing to protect actually.

  3. Oh 😀 i just noticed that newest McLaren carlendar screen is in screenshots section.
    so then whats the point of posting carlendar pics in that carlendar in every thursday while they are awailable in screens section few days faster?

  4. For once, this was the screen from last week, now it’s back on track and during the next few days will be the regular one, no mix ups.
    Second, come on, it’s just a splash screen 😉

  5. Just to let you know a little progress on this car. The car has been mostly mapped i.e. it is near ready for painting and to be brought in game. So watch this space, and hopefully some screens with liveries will appear soon 🙂

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