6 thoughts on “McLaren, the real thing”

  1. Erm, i don’t if it’s me, but it’s like the mclaren has a yellow shine…

    I mean, look at pictures… The car shines drak and grey, not yellow or brown… It’s difficult to explain, but it’s my point of view…

    Anyway, it’s still amaizing. But i hope you’ll try to make it look better!

    Kind regards

  2. Depends on the track, Bahrain has a slightly yellow Ambient Color, so it looks quite dry sandy and of course the car also reflects slightly yellow. Other tracks are more blueish and with harder contrasts.

  3. From the screens of the McLaren, that looks awesome btw, it looks like the reflection on the car is not the reflection of the actual track itself but the reflection of what looks like a dirt track with a lot of grass around it. Is it temporary or not?
    It looks strange.
    Green reflections on a bahrain track is not that realistic I have to say.

  4. rFactor doesn’t support dynamic cubemaps/environment maps, so you basically have a texture that simulates the track around the car. What you see on the screenshots is the default cube-map of the mod. Each track can however have a unique cubemap, to improve the look. Of course this is up to the track-creator to implement.

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