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At the moment I am in involved in one of the most boring processes of carpainting. I get all cars, have to touch up all texture-sources, add missing things, check for mistakes, make missing track-liveries and finally saving them all to dds.. Some cars like Toyota or Sauber actually drove with the same livery all the year, others modified them very frequently like Toro Rosso which requires several liveries up to 7-8. So far Toro Rosso, Toyota and Ferrari were done, during the last days I finished BMW-Sauber painted by Paulo, Williams painted by Steffen and McLaren painted by myself. Next coming up will be Honda. No screenshots today. 🙂

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  1. ISI already stated that there won’t be any rain in rF1, so I think we can forget about that. There are more important things to concentrate on. 😉

  2. Thanks for the answer Uff. But the same question for rfactor 2 then. Will the mods for rf1 work for rf2? and will there be rain tyres for rf2?

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