Helmets Part II

Rob finished all his Season Helmets,too. Shaun did 33 Renders to show the quality ;). Again it’s “only” one rendershape, but ingame each driver has the right shape with the right manufacturer.

trulliwc.jpg trulliwc2.jpg trullitop1.jpg trulli22.jpg

Way more helmets, when you click …

trulli2.jpg trulli12.jpgtrulli1.jpg rschumi2.jpg rschumi1.jpgmschumi22.jpg mschumi21.jpg mschumi2.jpg mschumi1.jpg monteiro.jpg monteiro2.jpg massa.jpg massa2.jpg klien.jpg klien2.jpg fisiwc2.jpg fisiwc1.jpgfisiroma2.jpg fisiroma1.jpg fisinormal2.jpgfisinormallate.jpg fisiitaly.jpgfisiitaly2.jpgdelarosa.jpgdelarosa2.jpg speedlate2.jpg speedlate1.jpg speedearly.jpg speedearly2.jpg

8 thoughts on “Helmets Part II”

  1. hmm, why is it that some of the drivers are not wearing Schuberth helmets? CTDP definately used the Schuberth model for the 05 mod, or will that be done later?

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