Super Aguri Ingame!

Hey guys,

Super Aguri is finally ingame. Small texture adjustments left. Kizz will finish the track specific liveries,too. Once everything is fixed and the track liveries are done, karan will make some nice shots. (maybe at weekend). In meantime i have 2 shots for you guys. Note: Not everything is final and i deactivated AA and AF to get better fps 😉

Yamamoto @ OldRing Park IIYamamoto @ OldRing Park

6 thoughts on “Super Aguri Ingame!”

  1. Glad to see one more car in game: will you realize b version too (maybe in a future update, so that the mod release won’t be postoponed more)? 😉

  2. Nice work guys 🙂 another one bites the dust 😀 Incidently, what track is that with the green curbs ? I notice you got extra info with shots displaying cockpits etc. but they seem to be part of your forum, any chance we can see those, or is it for private use only at this stage ?

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