Steering wheel time

The work on steering wheels started. First we sorted out, which could be simply updated from 2005 and which had to be done new. Well most of them. Ferrari was one of the few who just got some small updates, implemented by Kizz.

Nearly done is the Williams-wheel by Matthew. Last but not least, after finishing Williams Matthew started the Spyker-Wheel. Both are done from scratch as you can see.

FerrariWilliams Spyker

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13 thoughts on “Steering wheel time”

  1. It’s a pitty you don’t use real photo-material for the steering wheels. There are loads of steeringwheel pics on the internet that can be used for good textures. Real steering wheel textures as even FSOne has would help a lot to create a realistic feeling from the cockpit-cam.

  2. Photos have the properties to be “two-dimensional”, whereas we want the wheels to be “three-dimensional”. We prefer to have an extra dimension whereever possible. How the texturers do the textures for the wheels is up to them. At the end it’s also important to have a consistent look on all things. Also pictures may vary very much on lighting and quality.

  3. Yeah thats right!
    3d wheels look much much better (shadows , bump mapping etc.)even if the texture isnt 100% accurate than just a flat model and a 2d image-texture applied on it.

  4. There isnt any picture/texture that makes a 3d on its own.
    3d and textures are different parts.
    You must have an accurate , detailed 3d model ( with 3d buttons etc )made from scratch and THEN apply the proper textures on it.
    Any shadows in a texture may give a 3dlike appearance but it’s only virtual and in any case no real 3d.
    Ctdp’s wheels are the best because u can see that the buttons etc are real 3d and are not based in textures only , like in other mods. 😉

  5. I don’t know if you are going to make a new renault wheel, cause i have a suggestion for it. In the 2005 mod it was very thin compared to real life. I mean from the top view, in real life the wheel is about 3 or 4 cm thick, but in 2005 mod it is only like 1 cm thick. 🙂

  6. They all look fine to me 🙂 just one small observation, don’t mean to nitpick, but the blue material on the Williams wheel hand grips has a stretched mapping in left right view, presumably becuase only mapped from the front view, would be nice if that looked more continues all the way around, if that makes sense. Other than that great stuff 🙂

  7. Regarding the CTDP steering wheels, I have to say they are the best of all the F1 mods IMO because of their 3D nature. I agree with the posters above that using a photo for the texture would lead to a flat, 2D steering wheel. A 3D wheel with the proper bump and normal maps etc looks awesome, as proven by the difference between the CTDP05 wheels and in other F1 mods.

  8. Using a photo as basic for the texture doesn’t mean that the wheel can not contain 3d switches buttons, etc.

    It’s not like either using a photo texture and having a flat wheel, or having a 3d wheel with scratch made textures.

    I don’t say the wheels don’t look good, but they could look way better.

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