14 thoughts on “Sadism rules”

  1. @uff: you’re not the first πŸ™‚
    @Sandrox: No Ferrari.carlendar since we already showed pictures of Ferrari. Renault … hm sounds like a good idea, and it’s your fault! πŸ˜€

  2. then it will be earlyer than christmass or after?

    ok, ok. i will not ask any questions about releases πŸ˜‰
    i know that you all are working very hard and i apreciate your job πŸ˜‰

  3. If serious, it is very sad that you release mod so late. Of course, I do not doubt, that 2006 will be superb like and 2005 but its very late, for my opinion of course. I think we (MMG) already release 2007 before you release 2006 o_O =(

  4. Don’t want to be a jerk, but it took less time to build the real cars from the ground up than building this mod…
    To be honest I would rather play with the cars in the state they were at the begining of the 06 season and then download the updated skins as the time goes on, than waiting month and month to play the game with 3 to 5 different liveries.
    A mod is supposed to evolve with the feedback from the players who play with. Trying to deliver a perfect mod right from the get go is way too hard to achieve and I guess you are the first one to acknowledge it.
    Just let us play with it and you will be able to finish the smallest details in the upcoming month.
    Please, please, please

  5. @sandrox: believe me, I personally can’t wait to finish this mod. 16 months is more than 12 months of our initial planning and 8 months more than we spend on the 2005f1c-mod. There were so many annoying things that delayed the work and the amount itself, that there was no way to be quicker.

    A mod can’t evolve or grow, you end up doing things twice. There are things that depend on each other and there is no way to give out an premature beta. It would be buggy it would be unfinished, it would lack a lot of things and play unbalanced. We do try to get the best result in the first release. We don’t want to spend ages updating and fixing bugs after the initial release. Of course, we may still risk to bring a patch later, but we work so we don’t have to.

    For example, we couldn’t bring an early version of a car, because the one version we bring is already THE version.

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