5 thoughts on “McLaren W.I.P.”

  1. I did the texture on the car, but it should be noted, that the best part is yet to come. So far it’s only the dull surface and design on the texture. All shadings and reflections are missing, but will be added during the next few days.

    I’m currently on some ingame tests to find the right balance of specular map and reflection map on the chrome. We have a new chrome-cubemap, which also wants to be adjusted.

  2. Hallo CTDP Team.
    I want to ask is possible make qualifynq like realy sezon 2006-7 it’s 3x15min or not?? What will be new in pits…mechanical and change wheels. Yor mod will be best I’m sure, super aguri is nice, thanks. F1 game is more… that car graphics…………….

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