How are they supposed to be?

The topic is not new, there already have been some discussions about this. We have some talks with people who would want update the sounds for us and the question arises:
How are they supposed to sound?

Anybody complaining about sounds or eager to shape the new sounds is asked to post links to (onboard) videos where he thinks “that’s the sound I want to hear in the game”. The better the quality the better we can analyse it.

Be reminded we can’t work miracles , but we want to try for the best.
Please post comments or mail us. 🙂

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37 thoughts on “How are they supposed to be?”

  1. no edit-_-^^

    at the last link we can listen that the cars sounding different
    and i think this is very importend for the finish sounds

  2. Have you guys already heard the inboard sounds of the FSONE mod. Low quality graphics apart, they’ve made really great Renault and Mclaren-Mercedes sounds. The problem is that their exterior sound is the same for all teams. Why not try to contact the guy who made their sounds?

  3. My two cents and just opinions of course. But all those youtube videos have severely trimmed sound (for playback purposes of course and lack of quality) so that means they miss out on the lower and higher frequency range. If you see/hear some of those laps on the review 2006 DVD they are already better and have a lot more substance to them.

    IMO the bmwsauber sounds are currently the best v8 sounds available and there is no soundpack that matches that. They are a lot closer to the truth than people may give credit for.

    I have not been to a GP with v8s but heard some high quality wavs that were recorded and you realise how good the ISI bmwsuaber sound actually is. What many may “think” as real is what they hear on youtube or hear on TV.

    Those TV/youtube sounds are actually a lot thinner than what it actually sounds like comparing it to high bitrate samples.

    Perhaps one option would be to re-record the bmwsauber sounds if ISI would let you have the unencrypted versions, and remaster them add some additional effects and bring some improvements to them.

    I wish I could help but do not have any software mixing software or a music studio 🙂

    I am sure you will do what is right, I have faith 🙂 but in the end I would rather have the single car sound of good quality over a full soundpack with different sounds for each car that is less good.

    I liked the V10 CTDP05 sounds but I guess are not much use for 2006.

    Good luck.

  4. Indeed in youtube vids u cant have an accurate sample of the sound.
    Though I disagree with afborro.
    Ctdp guys can make better sounds than ISI (I doubt isi bmw’s sound is the best).
    Furthermore , sounds should be different for each vehicle as they are in real life.I always liked ctdp mods and think they are the best but if u ask me i think that they lacked in sounds part comparing to other mods (ie fsone).
    The one single soundpack solution for all vehicles is a little ‘oldfashion’ considering the progress of the other latest mods. 😉

  5. The ISI BMW external sounds are certainly the best to date. I have slightly edited these sounds, for less throttle drop off, and also to try and replicate the Mclarens lower pitch external sounds in 06.
    The incar sounds are probably more important, and as has been said Fsone’s soundman, came up with the nice internal sounds for the different cars. At the end of the day though its all personal preference, and any soundpack can be used with any mod.
    It would be great if CTDP could come up with some internal sounds to compliment the different cars, as this does add to the sense of immersion.

  6. I also agree with afburro, that youtube-videos don’t have the soundquality to really show off every aspect of the sounds. They can show tendencies at best. This brings to another thing.

    I also think ISI’s BMW-sound are by far the best out there. You say you want every car to sound different. This also brings up the question, how is it supposed to be? How do you each car to sound?
    Saying there shall be sounds for every car is easy, but what differences exactly to you miss and want? If possible on a team-by-team base.

  7. My 2$ is that i see no reason for the cars to sounds different. How can people tell simply from watching on their TV which hurts the hearing of the sounds in itself?

    Sure some engines sound higher pitched than others but these are only a slightly nuances and differences between them. Who to say its not even attributed to the say way the cars are setup?

    I agree with abforro in that i would prefer good quality sounds even if they were all the same over different sounding car which do not give me the sense of immersion at all!

  8. @ Mini Maestro:

    If you listen to the sounds from the onboard-footages then you’ll notice that they do sound different. A Ferrari sounds totally different than a McLaren or a Renault. Also If you’re live at the track. You have no difficulties of telling which car just passed by.
    Especially the tractioncontroll-systems of each team sound unique.

    And that’s just the point I wanted to stress:
    The ISI BMW F1 V8 sounds are indeed the very best available sounds. But the tractioncontroll is way to smooth. Listen to this vid i took in June 2006:

    Even if it’s youtube, with all the compromised sound adn so on, the tc really cuts the engine! Or listen to this sample:

    The ISI sounds are amazing, but while the TC is working hard, they are just way to smooth.

    So I propose only to change the TC sound.

  9. The sound in the BMW 2007 in the game done by you guys are good enough.. I tried to drive this car tonight the first time, far more realistic than FSone I think

  10. I agree that the sound of the TC could be a whole lot better.

    Today i tried the latest version of FSONE2006, I believe it was release 1.52 and I must admit that the engine sounds are (in my opinion at least) better than the sounds from your 2005 mod.

    What I liked most about it is that when you release your throttle and let the revs drop a bit you hear a different sounds at any given rpm than the sounds you hear at the same rpm while accelerating.

    I liked that :))

    Anyway, throw in some decent (LOUD) TC sound in your new mod and listen to the sounds of the FSONE mod for ideas 😉

    TC sound couln’t be loud enough imo. On TV you can barelt hear it, but irl when you are next to the track its as loud as (if not ouder than) the engine!! _O_

    Keep up the great work and I can’t wait untill you release 2006

  11. Hi, I think the *best* sounds for any F1 sim/mod I have heard are from Denizen’s mod for CTDP05:

    The engine sounds of the McLaren in particular are so strong and *throaty* yet high-pitched that just listening to them makes your hair stand on end. I would love to see sounds like this, maybe worked on by Denizen himself, included in CTDP06. Perhaps you guys can contact him and ask to work on all the engine sounds, and I’m sure that he could make unique sounds for all the cars (his 2005 sound mod includes unique sounds for 4 cars). Perhaps a Denizen ‘treatment’ of the BMW07 sounds would be the best solution; IMHO the BMW07 sounds while good are a bit a ‘weak’ compared to the Denizen sounds in CTDP05.

  12. Not meant to be an offense but sounds of Denizen are not so good IMHO. Easy for me to say not having made them, so credit for trying and having done with the material he had probably available.

    Why do I say this ? (and these are just my personal views)

    1. They don’t blend well, It is clearly evident that low rev sounds do not blend well into high revs, this has to be a seemless transition and not that you hear one sample starting and another taking over.

    2. There is too much “crackle” and “noise” and it is evident that the material used is not sufficiently high bitrate so the sound quality is quite poor, which in turn is covered up with too much hiss/noise.

    The same goes with a a lot of the other sound packs out there. The fsone renault IMO being the nearest to getting there, but on the whole the same problems, and moreover if you asked me could I hear a Ferrari from a mac etc. I easily can from recordings, but if someone played one of these samples and asked me what car it is meant to be from I could not tell most of the time, I would have to guess.

    If the sounds are all going to be different than ideally it has to be good enough to tell what car it comes from or display at least some of the more important characerisitics of that car, and you need some good material for that to start with. Again, I Don’t mean this in a harsh way toward the makers but I am sure as many of these names for sounds have been mentioned already over and over, clearly CTDP have their own views on this, not for me to decide, just giving my views, but I have the feeling they will not want to use that material for reasons I can understand, but they’ll correct me if I wrong no doubt.

    As Janjo said those sounds can be easily put in for personal use for those that want them in their own time.

    Sound is the kind of thing that can make or break first impressions of a good quality work and I am sure they’ll want it to be of the highest quality with what is possible, or stick with the bmw sauber sound if nothing else. That’s what I hope for anyway, one of those options.

    Perhaps I am too harsh in my views and I am not easily pleased with that kind of thing and I may well be spoiled 🙂
    but take the PCC sounds for example shows what can be done and sounds like a porsche to me, champcars were nice too.

    The current non ISI F1 soundpacks are not of that standard IMO.

  13. Greetings CTDP folks–

    First off, many thanks for all of your incredible F1 mod work!

    My comment as far as sounds go is this: it seems that many are requesting that you make sounds so that they are like what is heard on TV with onboard cameras/mics. But I’d bet that what you hear with onboards is a pale representation of the roar those engines have in real life, if you were actually sitting in an F1 cockpit.

    My only real life comparison (having never been to an F1 race) is a Nascar race that I attended a few years ago. Those cars in real life sound absolutely nothing like they do on TV–TV does no justice to how unbelievably loud and perhaps more importantly, full the sound is.

    Whether your CTDP 2005 rFactor sounds are realistic or not is a separate question, but those sounds were FULL and BIG–I love ’em!

  14. I agree with D_Lee about the sounds not necessarily sounding the same as in TV onboards. The sounds should be more powerful and ‘full’ and ‘throaty’ in the mod.

  15. Want to know what it would be to have real TV-like sounds in rFactor. Well someone did it.
    And it’s just awesome!

    You wonder sometimes if your are looking at a real video or a video game. That is also due to the high quality of the Bahrain circuit from CTDP.

    My point of view regarding sounds is that not many people have actually been to a F1 GP. I have been to 2, but I still enjoy the sounds of the TV cams. For most of us, they are as real as it gets because they cannot be compared to anything else. So if TV sounds are what we are all used to, why not use them in the game. They will definitely sounds real for most of us. And this google video is a proof that TV sounds just match great with rFactor.

    Oh, dnd By the way, F1 fans can tell the diffence between the sounds of a Ferrari, a Renault and a McLaren. Please…
    Deferent sounds for each car should not be an option but a requirement for a mod of this quality. If you want CTDP 2006 in the Hall of Fame as its predecessor, you’re gonna have to do just that.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. It looks like nobody cares about sound anymore. It is a vital aspect of any mod though.
    How is this aspect of the project evolving?

  17. I will check on Fonsi about his progress. Anyway, ust because we don’t write about it, doesn’t mean nothing is happening. And to write about it, something has to happen first. 😉

  18. Dear Sir Dahie,
    I wish you could comment on my previous entry and share your point of view on the video I post in my previous comment.
    How complicated would it be to do something like that, at least for the 4 major teams?
    Great to see the mod making good progress.

  19. Hi there, im the soundguy for the Fsone Team, and i just can tell that its pretty hard to get a good sound with youtube’s videos, you need and HQ video to elaborate an acceptable sample.
    And I’m tellin you guys from the CTDP, it’s really hard to get a good sound with a video, and sometimes it looks like you’ll never get it but at the end is a really good challenge and gives to your mod somethin different.
    My 2 cent, keep up the good work

  20. Hi there, I read that you need good-quality-videos to create the sounds, well, I’ve recorded the 2006 F1 Season on over 30 DVD’s, and I also recorded much inboard-views, I already copy 46 onboard-videos from the Ferrari(I’m a Schumacher-Fan) on my harddisk. If there is need we can talk about how you could get some of them, just contact me: email is above. Hope to help for the best mod………regards from Germany…….Patrick

  21. Hi there – I think sounds are just as important as graphics – maybe even more important. The best sounds imo are the ones in FSONE. I really dont like the ISI sounds. Whats most important to me are the onboard sounds and I hope they will not all be the same. I hope the sounds will be of same quality as the FSONE sounds – and if you can improve them even better :o)

  22. Sounds are the most important, but is VERY hard to get similar to real, the f1 engine sound is to unique, when downshifting etc. Having that sound ingame would be such a pleasure.

    The guy doing sounds for MMG has came very close with some of his public released sounds but still alot of horrible unreal sounds inbetween, but shows that you can get something similar.

  23. Cbastos

    Those are real f1 sounds as said in video title,, just taken from an f1 video and put over the top of rfactor sounds, they are not ingame.

  24. NoelF1 – u did the best sound of f1 in rF which is the Ferrari sound for fsone 06…thank u for this, as i use it to date to every f1 mod i have it’s brilliant.

  25. Ive actually tried it myself, using full res f1 races from, usually have no commentery so is nice. Ive got my Sky box hooked up to pc aswell but can never get sounds without commentery lol

    Ive had some pretty nice results, but it is very time consuming and difficult to get the correct sound.

    The POWERINSIDE seems to be the easiest to get good, but the COASTINSIDE is the most challenging, trying to get a good sound which doesnt sound to looped when downshifting is really hard.

    Instead of using 5 seperate files aswell, idle/low/med/high/max, i tried using just one sound and just changed the settings in .sfx file to give full range, but still dosent give you that nice sound.

    Is very hard like Noel said, but the first mod to have quality sounds will be remembered for ever as its what every F1 mod released to date has been missing.


    forgot to post this,, its guy who was making sounds for MMG, his public website where he released some public sounds for cars.

    You can test and see for yourself, still not great but getting there.

    But, i highley recommend the Minardi2000 ones, those are perfect. So it shows you that it can be done. Listen to a Minardi2000 video then listen to your ingame, is great.

  27. I just checked the website. The Minardi sounds are great, but the ones for the Mclaren 07 and Williams 07 are not quite there yet…I hope he has made some improvements since – because he has uploaded his soundpack to be included in the MMG update. Looking forward to the release…

    My favorite sounds yet are definitely the FSONE 2007 Ferrari followed by the McLaren. The McLaren would be just as good as the Ferrari if it wasnt for the downshift sounds that dont sound just right to me.

  28. Thanks to anyone who appreciated my work 🙂

    Anyway im back on business (kinda) and it seems like im not in fsone team anymore, and since MMG (who i was gonna work for about the sounds) has another guy, im free.
    So, if i can help anybody with the sounds its ok to me.

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