I have now finished all the helmets i am doing for CTDP06 and would like to get feedback on them.

Kimi Raikkonen Monaco Spec:

Kimi Monac Back Kimi Monaco
Robert Doornbos Late Season

Doornbos Front Doornbos Top Doornbos Back

Franck Montagny

Jensen Button – Preseason & England Spec

Sakon Yamamoto

Please Note: Renders were done with gp4 model so some mapping and model errors may occur. (IE JB & FM helmet on arai)

12 thoughts on “Helmets”

  1. Beautiful. Great work. Just wondered any plans to model in the HANS device, even if it was quite simple. I though might be a little nice touch, could be part of the helmet (probably would need to be so it moves with it as defined by the headphysics) and some may be part of the driver body.

    Not sure if you could make it reasonable anyway without using to many polys and have it look good, just an idea 🙂

  2. Nice job. I really hope that you will map the proper helmet shape, and not only the arai.

    Jenson Button, Franck Montagny,… with the bell shape.

    Mickael Shumacher, Ralf,… with the schuberth

    Trulli with the sparco

    That would be awesome

  3. Fantastic helmets! Kimi’s Monaco 06 helmet is my favourite ever helmet, and you have replicated it beautifully!

    Looking forward to the mod guys, the public information build up has been good, nice and steady.

  4. Hi Guys,
    These helmets are simply amazing 🙂

    I can hardly wait to get these cars on track myself.

    WELL DONE gentlemen


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